Workers' Compensation

From our founding in 1994, the law firm of Nicaud & Sunseri has experienced extraordinary success in Louisiana for our representation and defense of employers and the Worker's Compensation Carriers in Worker's Compensation Claim. We have a long history of representing businesses and self-insured funds in defending worker's compensation claims litigated in the Louisiana Department of Labor, the Office of Worker's Compensation, and our lawyers are recognized by their peers for their excellence. Our lawyers are members of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, and Louisiana Association of Self-Insured Employers.

Our firm has a highly diverse client encompassing a range of industries such as insurance, construction, professional sport teams, financial services, telecommunications, transportation, health care providers, energy and natural resources, retail, hotels, restaurants, maritime and manufacturing.

Our firm has provided services in the following area of worker's compensation:

  • Safety plans
  • Employee drug testing
  • Defending WC Form 1008, Disputed Claims for Compensation
  • Choice of physician issues
  • Request for medical treatment
  • Legal opinions for extension of worker's compensation benefits
  • Choice of law - interstate jurisdiction
  • Settlement
  • Medicare Set Asides
  • Interpretation of insurance policy
  • Employers liability
  • Wrongful discharge

In 2000, our law firm was appointed as Special Attorney General for the state of Louisiana for defense of worker's compensation claims with the Louisiana Department of Labor, Office of Worker's Compensation. Further, our lawyers have lectured and prepared publication on worker's compensation law.