Metairie Estate Planning Lawyers

A knowledgeable law firm can save your loved ones a lot of money and frustration by devising a plan for the management of your health care and property if you become severely disabled or pass away.

At the Louisiana law firm of Nicaud & Sunseri Attorneys at Law, LLC, our Metairie estate planning lawyers can assist you with the following:

  • Advance health care directives that tell how you want your health care managed if you ever lack capacity to speak for yourself
  • Powers of attorney that appoint someone to manage your property and execute legal documents for you if you become unable to take care of your own affairs
  • Wills and probate that transfer your property to selected beneficiaries upon your death
  • Trusts that provide for the care of children or disabled persons, minimize taxes, or protect against creditors
  • Ways to avoid probate that transfer property at death — insurance, gifts, joint ownership of property, bank accounts
  • Medicaid eligibility planning

Advance Directives for Medical Care

Advance directives are legal documents that tell how you want your health care managed if you are incapacitated. Louisiana advance directives can include all or some of the following documents:

  • Living will: Use this document to indicate you want life-sustaining procedures, like mechanical ventilators or artificial feeding tubes withheld if you are terminally ill or permanently unconscious
  • Medical power of attorney: A family member or friend, states on your behalf your health care decisions if you are ill
  • Anatomical gift donation: Use this document to donate your organs or other body parts after your death

The Louisiana Secretary of State's office maintains a Living Will Registry. You may file your Living Will in the registry for $20.

Powers of Attorney

In Louisiana, you can sign a durable power of attorney to appoint someone to admonish your assets if you lose capacity. A power of attorney should include the following:

  • Manage and transfer all assets
  • Deal with the IRS
  • Make gifts on your behalf
  • Create and amend any trusts you set up

You don't need to transfer any assets when you sign a power of attorney. It is a good idea to keep the person you've chosen informed of the ongoing financial matters.


Probate is the public process of:

  • Filing and validating a will in court
  • Paying the debts and taxes of the deceased person
  • Dividing up the assets according to the will or Louisiana law

A simpler legal process is allowed for the probate of small estates worth $75,000 or less. The law firm of Nicaud & Sunseri Attorneys at Law, LLC, can help you determine the process best suited for your situation.

Avoiding Probate

Wills may become public after your death. It can also take time for property to be distributed through the probate of a will. That's why many people look for more private ways to transfer their assets.

In Louisiana, alternative to probate include:

  • Life insurance policies or trusts
  • Giving gifts of cash or other assets before death
  • Transfer on death or payable on death bank accounts
  • Holding property by joint tenancy with right of survivorship
  • Retirement plans and individual retirement accounts (IRA)
  • Revocable living trust (sometimes called grantor trusts)

No matter what your needs or situation, our estate planning lawyers in Metairie will take the time to learn every detail so we can advise you accordingly and help you setup a plan that accomplishes all your needs and goals.

For more information about your options and how our firm can help you, we encourage you to schedule a free initial consultation with our attorneys. Please call 504-662-9596 or complete the contact form on this site.