Child Support

Projecting how much child support you will be required to pay or can expect to receive is a critical part of planning for life after divorce. This can be a relatively straightforward process with the applications of Louisiana's statutory guidelines, but deviations are applied in some cases and guidance from an experienced attorney may be very important in your case.

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Attorney Michelle Demarest-Sunseri will work with you on a personal level to help you understand child support laws and obligations. Knowledge of this area occasionally influences our clients' approach to custody and visitation negotiations, and we work rigorously to ensure fair outcomes when one party is hiding income or otherwise trying to gain an unfair advantage. We also handle many post-divorce modifications of child support.

Essentially, Louisiana child support obligations are calculated based on both parents' "adjusted" gross incomes, the number of minor children and a few other factors. Child care costs, health insurance premiums and certain other expenses are also considered. It is essential to recognize that:

  • We are often able to help our clients reach agreements on child support that are compliant with applicable laws and fair to both parties, either through negotiation, mediation or a collaborative approach to divorce
  • Our firm can also assist you as an unmarried mother who needs to lawfully establish paternity in order to obtain child support.
  • The state has sweeping powers to enforce child support orders, and nonpayment for any reason exposes the offender to serious consequences.
  • If your financial circumstances have changed and you will be unable to make child support payments, or if you believe child support payments should be increased, you should act promptly to get experienced legal guidance.

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We recognize how important defense of your financial interests may be for your child's futures and your own. For counsel you can trust as you proceed with divorce, prepare to respond to a filing against you or face other family law issues, please schedule a consultation directly with St. Tammany Parish child support lawyer Michelle Demarest-Sunseri today.