Metairie Divorce Lawyers

If you are considering or facing divorce in Louisiana, your fears and uncertainty about the future are real. Whether you are most concerned about your children, your financial stability or other issues, every decision matters. No one knows for sure how a divorce case will go. That makes it critical to work with an experienced lawyer prepared to deal effectively with any level of conflict.

St. Tammany Parish divorce attorney Michelle Demarest-Sunseri has more than 20 years of experience in the law. Today, our practice is focused exclusively on concerns that matter greatly to families, including finding the best paths to resolution of all issues in divorce. Michelle is a highly trained collaborative divorce professional who is also a formidable, effective litigator.

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Beginning with a face-to-face discussion focused on your unique challenges and goals, you will communicate directly with Michelle Demarest-Sunseri through every phase of your case. She will offer clear guidance based on factors such as the anger levels and other dynamics within your family and any issues likely to be disputed — including child custody , visitation, support and complex, high-asset property division .

We consistently pursue the least painful, most cost-effective ways to get the men, women and families we serve through divorce. Michelle is equally comfortable and accomplished in:

  • Assisting the parties in completing a kitchen table divorce, in which the divorcing spouses have already reached acceptable agreements and they simply need an attorney to guide them through the legal process and create legally binding agreements
  • Representing your interests in a co-mediation fashion, sometimes called a four-way approach, in which both parties have agreed to work together along with their lawyers
  • Pursuing a collaborative divorce, a team-based approach that calls for the participation and involvement of other trained collaborative professionals such as mental health coaches, child coaches and financial coaches

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