Marital Property Division

Aside from child custody, concerns about how money, property, other assets and debts will be divided are the most commonly disputed issues in Louisiana divorce cases. Whether you have a few important assets, such as a home, vehicles and retirement savings, or very substantial wealth, it is essential to get sound legal guidance on relevant laws, your rights and your options.

A Lawyer Experienced In Dividing Marital Assets In Mandeville And All Surrounding Communities

Louisiana is a "community property" state, which essentially means that if the courts determine property division, the standard applied is equal — not just fair or equitable — division between the parties. In almost all cases, it is best to reach a settlement agreement independent of the courts, through negotiations, mediationor a collaborative divorce process. Attorney Michelle Demarest-Sunseri has extensive experience helping people reach resolution via all these paths, and she is a tough, zealous litigator as well.

Our firm conducts thorough analysis and enlists qualified experts as needed to protect our clients' financial interests. Michelle Demarest-Sunseri can assist you whether you have fairly modest assets to divide or need expertise in the complex issues associated with high-asset property division . We are assertive and creative in helping people resolve disputes involving, for example:

  • Whether certain assets are community property and subject to division or separate property that belongs to one spouse alone
  • Whether valuations of real estate, a business or other complex assets are accurate
  • Whether the family home or other major assets can be retained by one party or must be sold in order to achieve a mutually acceptable agreement
  • Issues associated with debts, such as one party seeking reimbursement when community money has been used to pay the other party's separate debts, or when a prenuptial agreement exists

Legal Guidance And Advocacy To Protect You Financially

Preparation and strategic planning on how to approach property division may determine your financial stability and well-being for many years to come. For a face-to-face consultation with experienced St. Tammany Parish property division lawyer Michelle Demarest-Sunseri, call or email our firm now.