Spousal Support

The laws and varying judicial practices governing Louisiana spousal support— often still called alimony — are not well understood by most people who are facing divorce. If you believe you should receive spousal support once your dissolution is complete, or if you are concerned that your divorcing spouse will seek more than you are willing to pay, you need reliable, knowledgeable legal counsel.

A Mandeville Alimony Attorney Proven In Negotiations And Litigation

Michelle Demarest-Sunseri is an experienced, diligent St. Tammany Parish spousal support attorney who will address this and all other aspects of your divorce case with care. Michelle strongly encourages cost-effective, amicable approaches to divorce whenever practical, but she is also a formidable litigator who will zealously defend your financial interests in court if that's what your situation demands.

Simply stated, any final award of spousal support is far from automatic in a Louisiana divorce. When alimony is awarded, the purpose is usually to tide the recipient over while she or he gets back in the workforce. If one party earns substantially more than the other, "interim" spousal support will likely be awarded while the case is proceeding, but it is critical to prepare your case and position for the long term.

Looking Out For You, In The Immediate Future And For The Long Term

At our firm, we consistently strive for fair and equitable outcomes in full view of our clients' unique personal and financial circumstances. For you, this may require:

  • Ensuring that all financial information provided to the court by your divorcing spouse is accurate and complete
  • Advocating for an interim spousal support determination that is fair to both parties — given that Louisiana divorces with minor children involved require the parties to live separate and apart for 365 days or complete other, very specific legal procedures
  • Extensive analysis and preparation to establish the strongest possible position for you regarding a final determination of spousal support, whether arrived at through negotiations or in litigation

To discuss your legal rights and practical concerns face to face with dedicated family lawyer Michelle Demarest-Sunseri, please call 866-864-5795 or contact us online now. We have extensive experience in high-asset divorce cases and will be determined to help you decide on the right approach to your case.