Bourbon Street workers rally around police after fatal shooting

Bourbon Street workers rally around police after fatal shooting

Date: Jul 12, 2011

Bourbon Street workers rally around police after fatal shooting

People who make their living on the city's most iconic street seemed shaken Monday but unanimous in the view that a New Orleans police officer did the right thing by shooting a 25-year-old New Iberia man early Sunday morning outside a Bourbon Street club.

"Kudos to the NOPD. That guy came looking for trouble. And he got it," said Bourbon Street fixture, bartender Pinkeee and the Whip, who tends bar at the two Beer Fest venues, in the 600 and 400 blocks of Bourbon and whose name reflects both the color of his hair and beard, and the leather cat-o-nine-tails slung over his shoulder.

William Sahms, who works at Babe's Cabaret, a half-block from where Justin Schaubert was shot, shared Pinkeee's sentiment.

"This wasn't the NOPD being trigger-happy," Sahms said. "They did the right thing, 100 percent."

Police accounts emphasized Schaubert's behavior in the Bourbon Street Blues Company immediately before he ran out of the club, pointed his gun and was shot by a uniformed officer. On Monday, Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas called the death tragic but said that his officer "defended himself and the public around him."

But accounts passing along the city's legendary entertainment strip on Monday had it that Schaubert, a gun-toting man from New Iberia, flashed his large-caliber gun inside several Bourbon Street clubs before running outside the Bourbon Street Blues Company and firing at the officer and bouncers.

Police said Schaubert ran from the Bourbon Street Blues Company after bouncers admonished him to put his shirt back on. But bartenders, barkers and strippers said on Monday that Schaubert, who had completely unbuttoned his shirt at several points, had earlier tried at another club to get a Jell-O shot without paying by showing the gun tucked into his waistband. They said he also flashed the firearm in other clubs.

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