Josephites sue St. Aug board members over ‘coup’ attempt

Date: Jul 13, 2011

Josephites sue St. Aug board members over 'coup' attempt

A simmering dispute that began as a debate over corporal punishment at St. Augustine High School erupted into an all-out brawl this week when the Josephites, a Catholic religious society that has owned and operated the school since 1951, filed suit against six board members the Josephites say are trying to grab control of the school.

The federal suit states that Board President Troy Henry called a special meeting on June 28 to overthrow the Josephites by replacing the board's by-laws with a new set of governing rules.

Those new rules, which the order argues are invalid, take away most of the Josephites' power.

They also add 14 additional board members -- 7 from the alumni association and 7 from a parent group -- further diluting the Josephites' remaining influence over the school, the suit says.

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