Obama rules out invasion of Libya to deal with Gadhafi

Date: Mar 23, 2011

Obama rules out invasion of Libya to deal with Gadhafi

President Barack Obama on Wednesday categorically ruled out a land invasion to oust Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi as coalition forces launched a fifth day of air strikes against government military targets in the North African nation.

And Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he cannot predict when the no-fly zone operation will end, but that the United States could turn over control of it as early as Saturday.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged Gadhafi to leave Libya, saying his inner circle should "make the right decision."

Obama said the United States will be pulling back this week from its dominant role in the international campaign aimed at preventing Gadhafi from attacking civilians.

Rear Adm. Gerard Hueber, a top U.S. officer in the campaign in Libya, said international forces were attacking government troops that have been storming population centers.

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