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Signs that your sibling is financially exploiting your elderly parent

Financial exploitation of the elderly has become a common problem and very often, it is committed by a relative. If you suspect that your elderly parent is being financially abused by a relative, your local police department has forms you can file confidentially. After filing a police report, it is advisable to seek the advice of a local Louisiana attorney for legal advice concerning elder abuse.

If you are not absolutely certain your parent is suffering from this kind of victimization, it can help to learn the signs of financial abuse or exploitation. Below are several warning signs that should raise red flags concerning the treatment of your parent.

Secretive about finances

If one of your siblings has taken control of your parent's finances and refuses to share information with you, this could be a sign that things are not as they should be. This is especially so if both you and your sibling have had shared access to your parent's accounts in the past.

Dependence and financial support

When an adult sibling lives with an elderly parent and depends on that parent for financial support, even though he or she is working or capable of working, it could signal that there is a problem. This is especially true when the sibling is secretive about your parent's finances. In such situations, your sibling could be defrauding your parent, who may be vulnerable to manipulation.


Your sibling could start restricting access to your parent to cover up the financial abuse that is taking place. Keeping your parent away from other family members reduces the chances of your parent speaking about any issues that would cause concern.

Overbearing presence

If your sibling insists on being present during any visits with your parent, his or her presence could be a threatening gesture to keep your parent from speaking out about any financial manipulation that is occurring.

Substance abuse

Addicts are typically willing to do whatever it takes to get their next buzz. An elderly parent with a memory problem can be a very easy target. Your sibling may be taking multiple "loans" from your parent who then forgets that the transaction ever happened.

Other red flags

Another sign that indicates elder financial abuse is occurring is if your sibling suddenly relocates your parent to his or her home, or another location, without notifying you. Moving your parent out of your influence could solidify your sibling's control over your parent's finances.

Any unexpected changes to estate planning documents could also be a sign that your parent is being manipulated.

If you suspect that your elderly parent is being abused either financially or physically, do not hesitate to seek help. Contact a Louisiana attorney with experience in elder law and find out what you can do to protect your parent's health and interests.

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