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Family law options for low-income individuals with children

The options of single mothers can appear limited and often they find themselves in poverty due to a seeming lack of choices.  One writer particularly sees this problem crop up for black women who are forced to raise children without the assistance of a father.

Only 48 percent of single black mothers nationwide have been granted a child support order from the court.  Also the fathers of these children may not ever have sought a visitation order or play any significant role in the child’s life.  The entire role of provider is thus placed upon the mother.

The problem of only one parent providing for a child is a problem for many low-income families. Less than half of children living in poverty also live with both parents in the home. And while parents living separately may believe child support and visitation arrangements can be worked out on an informal basis without the need of a court order, these sorts of arrangements can easily fall apart when any dispute arises.

While many single mothers may believe that they cannot afford to retain an attorney to help out, there has been a trend in the legal industry in trying more inexpensive approaches to work out legal disputes. Many attorneys, for example, will recommend mediation as a way for parties to come to agreement upon issues concerning the child.

Louisiana parents may wish to speak to an experienced family law attorney to discuss all of the legal options available in resolving legal difficulties. Attorneys can recommend the best available and least costly options for clients that are on a budget.

In the long run, not having a legal agreement put together to resolve child support and visitation issues may prove more costly than attempting to address the issues through legal assistance.

Source: The Washington Informer, “Putting the Spotlight on Family Law Legal Needs,” Joy Moses, Sept. 17, 2013


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