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Louisiana CEO speaks of adoption of his two children

One prominent Louisiana CEO and his wife have revealed that two of their children were adopted. This couple’s story is now being publicized in hopes of bringing more attention upon the 4,500 children in Louisiana hoping for a family to take them in. The CEO has teamed up with legislators, members of the clergy and an organization called Louisiana Family Forum to hold a number of symposiums concerning the adoption of children.

While there is a commitment that needs to be made on the part of anyone that wishes to adopt a child, the CEO stresses the positive impact that an adoption can have for everyone involved. Though there is a concern that a family may become attached to a child before an adoption is finalized, he nevertheless makes the point that we cannot allow our decision-making to be ruled by fear.

Children may be placed for adoption if the parental rights of the guardian of that child have been terminated.  However, those seeking adoption would still be well advised to seek legal advice from an experienced family law attorney before beginning to fill out the paperwork to adopt that particular child.  As this such a vital decision for both those individuals seeking adoption and for the child as well, it’s wise to understand the entire adoption process in advance.

There are many factors that weigh into whether a couple should be allowed to adopt a child. There are the rights of biological parents that need to be considered, the area where the child was born, and the qualifications of the parents to raise the child.

The number one consideration is deciding what is in the best interest of the child.

Source: The News Star, “Duck Commander CEO, wife and State Sen. Walsworth tout adoption,” Scott Rogers, Aug. 9, 2013


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