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Mediation and divorce issues involving children

Though Louisiana parents are concerned about the potential harm of a divorce upon their children, not all parents understand that their own actions can contribute to this problem. Even well-intentioned parents can get caught up in all of the separate issues without keeping the child’s needs foremost in their minds.

Things never go quite as planned when it concerns children, and couples often find themselves only a short time after a divorce in full disagreement as to how the child should be cared for and concerns dealt with. It is under such circumstances that divorce mediation may prove useful. A finalized divorce is not actually final. However, divorce mediation is a means for couples to address new issues that have arisen without the need of returning to court.

There is flexibility in the mediation process that may not be present during a court trial. Solutions may be tried that for one reason or another will never be raised in court. This in part because decisions will be made jointly by the parties and not ultimately decided by a judge.

This not to say every divorce matter pertaining to children should be facilitated through mediation. Each divorce is separate and distinct, and what may be an effective means of handling a divorce situation in one matter may not work in all cases. Whether going to trial or through a mediation process, parties would still be advised to seek the assistance and advice of competent attorney that understands Louisiana family law and who can also provide guidance regarding the various options available for parents.

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