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Louisiana 15-year-old because advocate for foster children

A 15-year-old Louisiana boy is being recognized for his efforts to help out foster children.  Abused as a young child, he claims he never knew what it meant to have a family until he was placed in a foster home and had wounds earlier suffered due to abuse treated by a nurse.  The nurse eventually adopted the young boy after he turned four.

The nurse and her husband were childless before she met this boy.  She began filling out the adoption paperwork a little more than three months after she met him.  As it turned out, she also ended up adopting another child a short time later. 

The young boy now shares his story with others. He tries to give other children that have experienced abuse the hope that a family will adopt them.

The young man began raising money to organize a Christmas party for foster children. He now runs his own organization called “No Use For Abuse.” The hope is to turn this organization into a non-profit group that will supply scholarships for high school graduates that are in foster care.

The young man will be recognized on October 9th for the work he has done by the Congressional Coalition of Adoption Institute. It’s said to be extremely unusual for someone this young to have received this award.

Though there are many upsides to the adoption of a child, it can also involve great sacrifices on the part of adoptive parents.  One reason why it so important to get the counsel and advice of a lawyer experienced in handling adoptions is because such counsel can make certain that expectations of the parties are met and that unmet expectations are avoided. While foster children desperately need help, they need the help from parents that can best meet the needs of the child.

Source: The Advocate, “Abused as a child, adopted teen now reaches out to foster children,” Marsha Sills, Sep. 29, 2013


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