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State ranks crimes during Domestic Violence Awareness Month

If you’re choosing to live with a partner, you expect that they will treat you with love and respect. Sadly, domestic violence cases are not uncommon in Louisiana, and a new report has been put out that discusses just how serious this problem is becoming in the state. According to an Oct. 22 release, Louisiana is leading the U.S. in domestic homicides, and the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence claims that 81 percent of those crimes were committed against women by their ex-partners or current partners.

The report also states that the Orleans Parish alone has over 3,420 personal protective orders, and Baton Rouge had issued 2,088. Only 24 percent of people who sought help received it, according to the report, which is striking. Now, the city’s domestic violence program has implemented a few different safety procedures, including the Sexual Assault Response Team that started just this last February. New Orleans is also using Praxis International’s Blueprint for Safety to help create a justice system that has ways of handling domestic violence cases.

According to the director of the city’s Women, Infants and Children program, around 2 percent of women in their screening of 1,287 were deemed at risk for domestic violence. One startling finding was that women would often reply that they had not been abused, even though the signs of abuse were visible.

Domestic violence can range from verbal abuse to serious physical altercations, and none of it is acceptable in any form, especially if young children are involved or living in the home. If you or a loved one has been injured by a spouse or partner, it’s important to seek care and to look into your options for divorce or ways to hold the abuser accountable.

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