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New bill will help U.S. couples adopt foriegn children

Many Louisiana couples would love to offer a home to children in need. Some can’t have children of their own biologically; others want to add to growing families. Whatever their circumstances, many are able and willing to provide good homes. They may seek to become the parents of babies and toddlers, preschoolers, or even older children. However, there can be procedural and legal challenges, especially when pursuing the adoption of children born in foreign countries.

United States Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is seeking to address this problem legislatively. Landrieu, a Democrat, has found unity with Republicans and Democrats as legislators from both sides come together to support a new adoption bill. Landrieu is serving as the chief advocate of the bill, saying that all children deserve happy and healthy homes with families to love them.

The bill is called the Children in Families First Act. It currently has different versions in the United States House and Senate, with sponsors as ideologically diverse as Republican Representative Michelle Bachmann and Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren. All of its supporters agree that it can do tremendous good for United States families and the foreign children they’ll be bringing into their families.

Landrieu, who has two adopted children of her own, has expressed hope that the bill will become law by next Spring. It faces some hurtles from legislators who contend that it might create additional bureaucracy. Additionally, the Obama Administration has expressed differences with some provisions.

Throughout Louisiana, couples wanting to pursue adoption will face any number of legal matters to deal with. This holds true whether they are adopting from another country, the situation addressed by the bill, or adopting from within this country. Either way, they should seek the advice of a capable attorney so they know they’re doing everything right.

Source: NPR, “Bipartisan Bill Seeks To Boost Foreign Adoptions” The Associated Press, Dec. 25, 2013


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