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Adoption process leads to search for birth parents

Surveys consistently rank family, along with health, as a top priority in the lives of most people. Family includes biological relatives, and also includes those brought in by adoption. With the latter set, there is often a sense of having two families: the one raised by and the biological one.

In some cases, the biological one may be known, and there may be contact between the adopted person and their biological parents. Biological brothers and sisters, or half-brothers and half-sisters, can be found as well. Establishing connections with them helps to develop a sense of self, of belong, and of heritage.

For those reasons, it is no surprise that a successful columnist has spent years trying to track down his own biological parents. Over that time, his search has included using search engines to find relevant information and contacting adoption agencies that might know something. The search has had many disappointments, with avenues that were explored with hope often yielding no results.

Yet, he is committed to continuing to look. He cites the discovery that his mother is from Texas as a recent example that the information he wants is out there and can be found with enough hard work. His hope is that in time, more data can be uncovered.

In the meantime, he has expressed empathy for the 653 children who are currently in Louisiana foster care homes and need good adoptive families. This noted hopefully, underlining the fact that families are ultimately those who love the children they raise and take good care of them.

Adoption in any state is a very important process and an involved one. Anyone who is interested in it should contact an experienced attorney. That attorney can talk with them about how to achieve their adoption-related goals.

Source: Shreveport Times, “My Adoption Story: ‘Blood is thicker than water” Derick Jones, Dec. 27, 2013


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