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Bitter celebrity divorce finalized

Most couples work hard to keep their marriages together. Presumably, they were genuinely in love at the time they wed and want to hold onto everything they valued about each other. However, divorce still happens in a high percentage of marriages, including in Louisiana. Sometimes, when a married couple breaks up, the issues involved can be worked out in a harmonious way. If so, a mediation specialist can be of great value and the couple can part on good terms. Other times, there is substantial acrimony, leading to a bitter battle. This was the case with a celebrity couple, and their split has drawn international attention.

In the case, the husband is a former football star who played at Penn State. Now employed in the field of finance, he filed for divorce claiming that the wife’s treatment of him was cruel and inhumane. Over time, the media has noted a number of arguments between the couple.

These have been considered newsworthy because of the wife’s former notoriety as the mistress famous golfer, Tiger Woods. She also allegedly had an affair a few years ago with a married TV star. Before that, she was engaged to a wealthy investment banker, who tragically lost his life on Sept. 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center.

One of their disagreements led to the police being called, after what is said to have been a heated verbal confrontation. In another incident, the husband reportedly said that he was slapped many times by his wife. These stories became public after the couple wed in Las Vegas.

This divorce had many issues to work out, including interpersonal conflicts, custody issues and financial considerations. Many Louisiana divorce cases involve comparable issues. A qualified attorney may help protect a spouse’s interests during a divorce, no matter if it is a high-asset divorce or one of mediocre means.

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