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Celebrity divorce ends decades long marriage

When a couple marries, their hope is presumably to stay together in accordance with their vows. However, over time, disagreements can form over money, work, home life, raising a family and interpersonal issues. Disagreements can ultimately result in irreconcilable differences, as is apparent in a recent celebrity divorce case that has drawn the interest of Louisiana observers.

The case involves the end of a multi-decade marriage between two performers named Daryl Dragon and Cathryn Antoinette “Toni” Tennille. Collectively, they are known in their recording and performing career as The Captain and Tennille. They reached the peak of their fame in the 1970’s and released songs like “Muskrat Love”, “Shop Around”, and many others. In more recent years, the duo has performed at a variety of venues around the country.

However, the husband, Daryl Dragon, has suffered from a neurological condition. This has resulted in him having tremors and being unable to play piano in recent years. Correspondingly, the couple has not performed together for some time. Additionally, according to Tennille, Dragon experiences embarrassment from his condition and prefers to not go out in public.

It is unknown if these circumstances affected the marriage or contributed to the divorce. What is known is that their divorce petition states that their marriage is now irretrievably broken. Additionally, their website refers to them as ex-husband and ex-wife.

It seems that the division of assets in The Captain and Tennille’s divorce case will be equitably divided, with neither one seeking spousal support. Of course, many divorces are much more complex and involve substantial disagreement and acrimony. For that reason, all divorcing couples are advised to speak with an attorney who specializes in this field of law, so they can protect all of their interests.

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