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Adoption law results in lawsuit by fathers

Louisiana adoptions can involve couples based in one state adopting a baby born in another. Different states also figure into the mix when a pregnant woman goes from one state to another one with adoption laws she prefers, for some reason. Unfortunately, one of the reasons that pregnant mothers have been going to Utah, specifically, is due to the Utah Adoption Act, a law that many fathers affirm circumvents their rights and lets their children be adopted without their consent or knowledge.

A dozen of the fathers disenfranchised in this way have gone to federal court to sue the state of Utah for violating their paternal rights. The civilized rights lawsuit clearly states that the effect of the Utah Adoption Act is legalized fraud as well as legalized kidnapping. This suit is part of a long history of similar objections by fathers about their children being adopted without their consent or knowledge.

One father, an army veteran, was told by his girlfriend that their baby had died right after birth. She refused to name a burial site, and he sued her to find out. As a result of that suit, he found out that the mother had actually traveled to Utah and had then given the baby up for adoption there without the father’s consent.

The current civil rights lawsuit seeks a finding that the law in question, the Utah Adoption Act, is unconstitutional. It also seeks monetary damages. The case, and others like it, underscore the importance of getting the permission of the biological father in each adoption case, regardless of marital status. Louisiana couples pursuing adoption should make sure that consent has been secured, and that all other parts of the process are properly attended to with the help of an ethical attorney.

Source: Fox News, “Fathers sue Utah over law allowing mothers to secretly give up babies for adoption” Kelly David Burke, Feb. 16, 2014


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