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Star’s father gets child support reduction

When a baby is conceived outside of marriage, legal arrangements need to be made to detail the custody rights and parenting time of the baby’s father and mother. Financial provisions also need to be determined and are often disputed by the father, the mother or both. Typically, one wants the amount of child support to be less and the other wants it to be more.

Getting the amount changed is affected by specific factors. One is an increase in need, for example, if the baby has unexpected medical bills that need to be covered. Another is a decrease in the ability to pay, such as when the paying parent loses their job or otherwise has a reduction in income. The latter is the case with the father of a famous singer.

The father used to work as his celebrity daughter’s manager. This work paid him well, since she is one of the most successful recording artists and performers in the country. She is also married to a successful performer, producer and businessman.

When she fired her father, his income dropped notably. On that basis, he sought a reduction in the amount that he pays the mother of his baby daughter. The Superior Court judge who ruled in the case agreed and reduced the amount of each payment due from $12,000 each month to approximately $2,500 each month. The father is divorced from his older daughter’s mother and fathered the baby with another woman before his marriage ended.

This case involves high amounts of child support. In Louisiana cases, the amounts involved vary substantially. Anyone seeking child support payments and anyone making those payments can explore all of his or her legal options with a qualified family law attorney.

Source:, “Beyonce’s father granted cut in child support” AP, Mar. 05, 2014


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