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Father fights for his daughter in adoption case

The legal issues surrounding parenthood are subject to tremendous debate, as people argue over the best interests of the children involved. Some of the issues surround adoption. While every child has two biological parents, a mother and a father, adoptions can be finalized without the consent of the biological father. This especially true in cases where the parents were not married at the time of the child’s birth. Naturally, many biological fathers who love and want to raise their own daughters and sons object to this practice.

That holds true in states across the nation, where fathers have filed court cases affirming their right to parent and have custody of their own children. Most prominent in the headlines about such cases has been the state of Utah, which is regarded as a particularly egregious offender. For example, a biological father just filed a Notice of Appeal as the latest part of his six-year effort for the legal right to parent his own daughter.

The daughter was placed for adoption secretly in Utah. The father did not give his consent, and he has been fighting to reunite with her ever since. Just recently, he got to spend a weekend with her, but there is much work left to do as he fights for full parental rights.

A part of that fight involves standing up against what is known as the fraud immunity statute in Utah. That statute says that proof of one or more persons lying and committing fraud during adoption proceedings is not grounds for overturning the adoption. Of course, many fathers object to that statute.

This case shows how complex adoption can be. In any state, including Louisiana, it is critical to get the consent of both biological parents, not just one. An experienced attorney can help untangle the confusion surrounding this sue that is so urgent to each parent involved.

Source: Fox News, “Father fighting Utah adoption law to get custody of his daughter” Alicia Acuna, Faith Mangan, Apr. 15, 2014


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