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Kiss in Louisiana leads to divorce

A politician in Louisiana was reportedly captured on camera kissing a woman in his office. That woman turned out to be someone who worked for him as a scheduler. The incident took place in December, and the video recording, which was captured by a security camera, then went public when a news outlet broke the story.

The husband of the woman in question is devastated by the incident. He said that he feels like nothing is real, like he should be able to wake up. He added that he really loved his wife — who called him just before the story got out to the public — and that he did not have any idea about what was going on.

Because of the incident, he says that he and his wife are now going to look into getting a divorce. They have one child, a boy, who is 6 years old. Their marriage has so far lasted for six years, but appears to have been derailed by this incident.

The man said that the whole thing has, in effect, ruined his life. The woman stated similar things, saying she felt like everything had been turned upside-down.

The politician who was kissing the woman is also married, and he is the father of five different children. He and the woman do not work together any longer.

A divorce can really come out of nowhere, so it is important for people to understand all of the ins and outs of the legal system, including property division, custody rights and the like. A full grasp of how this works will make a difficult situation go more smoothly.

Source: CNN, “First on CNN: Husband on kissing congressman: ‘He has wrecked my life’” Chris Frates and Curt Devine, Apr. 08, 2014


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