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Wife seeks house in high-profile divorce

Breakups can be contentious, regardless of the professions of those involved. However, when the couple getting a divorce is well-known, personal details about their battle quickly become public. This the case with the split of a husband and wife known as super-lobbyists.

Both have been very successful in political circles, working with Democratic candidates and office holders. They have lobbied on behalf of major companies and foreign countries as well. Tony Podesta, the husband, founded the Podesta Group and has been associated with Democratic luminaries like Bill Clinton and the late Edward Kennedy. He also helped to start People for the American Way, a group started to further liberal objectives. The wife, Heather, also has an impressive career as a lobbyist, and owns Heather Podesta Partners, said to be the largest government relations firm that is woman-owned.

The two decided to divorce after 11 years of marriage and are now battling over property division. One specific matter in dispute is their multi-million dollar home in Kalorama, Australia. Mrs. Podesta is requesting that it be awarded solely to her instead of being sold and the proceeds divided with her soon-to-be ex-husband. She says that she oversaw all aspects of the home’s renovation across three years and wants to keep it. A statement from her attorneys refers to it as a unique architectural space for personal and professional purposes.

The couple is also fighting over their extensive art collection. Both are well-known as collectors. Mrs. Podesta has criticized how Mr. Podesta has handled the collection and want is to be equally divided.

Many divorce cases, including those in Louisiana, are less high-profile than this one. Most will have their own set of property division issues though. A capable attorney can provide more information on this sue, as well as on child custody, child support and alimony.

Source: Washington Post, “Podesta divorce: Heather counterpunches — and she wants the house” Emily Heil, Apr. 03, 2014


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