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Divorce documents filed in celebrity case

When someone famous has a bad breakup, every aspect of it winds up being news. That tends to be the case in divorces when one or both members of the couple are TV stars. A recent example is the divorce of Sherri Shepherd, one the co-hosts of “The View.”

Shepherd, 47, filed divorce documents in New Jersey. Regarding the cause of the divorce, she listed it as “irreconcilable differences”. This follows the previous filing of legal separation papers by the husband on May 2. The couple has been married since August 2011, when they held their wedding at Chicago’s Fairmont Hotel.

Various issues are at stake in the case. One is financial, with the husband objecting to the prenup. He wants it invalidated, claiming fraud. Shepherd, however, wants it enforced. If it is, the husband would get the relatively modest sum of $60,000.

Custody is also an issue. Shepherd has a son from a previous marriage, who will remain in the shared custody of her and that child’s father. However, she and her current husband also have a baby due that is being carried by a surrogate.

That baby will be born in July. Shepherd’s current husband, who is the surrogate baby’s father, is seeking full physical and legal custody. According to published reports, Shepherd did not reference that baby in the divorce documents that she just filed.

This case includes both financial and custody issues, just as many Louisiana divorces do. Often, issues of that nature take a lot of time to sort out. Couples working on doing so may benefit from the advice of an experienced family law attorney.

Source: US Magazine, “Sherri Shepherd Files Own Divorce Documents After Husband Lamar Sally First Filed” Sierra Marquina, May. 12, 2014


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