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Getting ready for mediation in Louisiana child custody cases

When people in Louisiana go through a divorce, one thing that they often have to deal with is trying to split up time with their children. They no longer both get to be with the child in one home, but they instead have to set up a child custody plan, a visitation schedule and a way to bring the child back and forth between two different houses. This can be a hassle, but many issues can be addressed during divorce mediation proceedings so that it is as simple and as positive of an experience as possible.

In order to get the most out of a mediation session, though, it is important for parents to prepare in advance. If they keep a few key things in mind, they can make sure that these points are addressed so that they are satisfied with the outcome.

The first thing that parents need to know is exactly what their concerns are and what they hope to get out of the agreement. For example, a child could have some special requirements or needs that have to be addressed. It is a good idea for a parent to write all of this down in advance; the proceedings could be emotional, and a list helps them keep track of everything.

Another thing that parents may want to do is to meet up with a counselor prior to the session. They can help the parent get ready for what the session will entail. They can also provide advice about presenting requests.

Finally, parents may want to simply talk to the other spouse in advance. Agreements can be made before any official meeting takes place, and then this can make the mediation go quickly and smoothly.

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