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New show targets adoption in Louisiana

In order to increase awareness about the need for adoption in Louisiana, one TV station, KPLC-TV, is launching a new program that will focus around children who are currently in the state’s foster care system. This program is going to be called “The New Family Tree.”

Those who are interested in watching should note that it will be seen at different times throughout the year. At first, it will come on with the 7News Nightcast, and it will play at 10:00; this will happen on each Tuesday in the month of May. On Wednesdays in May, it will be on Sunrise. That changes in June, though, when The New Family Tree will come on the airwaves on the first Tuesday of each month.

Stories will be featured on the program, coming from two different angles. First of all, the program will look at families that have already successfully adopted. It will also have stories that center around children who currently are in a position to be adopted.

They will have plenty of children to choose from, as, according to reports, there are 350 children up for adoption right now. At the same time, there are around 4,000 kids who are in the foster care system as a whole. The aim of the program is to reduce this number by connecting children with new families, as many of them simply live in foster care until they grow up.

Anyone who watches the show and is interested in adoption needs to look into all of the legal aspects of adopting a child. In order for the process to go smoothly, they need to address all legal hurdles and ensure that everything is done within the letter of the law.

Source: KPLCTV, “The New Family Tree diving into the crisis of parentless children” Britney Glaser, May. 07, 2014


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