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Questions to consider before seeking a divorce

Many Louisiana residents go into marriage believing that it will last forever. Even when things go wrong, we hear people say, “Divorce is not an option.” However, for many, it eventually becomes the only option. The Huffington Post recently listed a number of questions that readers said they asked themselves before they made the difficult decision to end their marriages.

Many questions revolve around what is best for the children. A key consideration is which is worse for kids — having their parents both around, but in a contentious relationship, or having them living apart. People whose own parents are divorced may be particularly hesitant to put their own kids through the pain and work to make it easier on them than they had it.

Questions about a future alone also play a significant role as people contemplate divorce. They ask themselves whether their future will really be as good as they imagine without their spouse or whether they will be more unhappy alone. There is no guarantee that once you divorce you will ever find someone again. People need to be prepared for that possibility.

Financial considerations are important as you contemplate a future as a single man or woman. Do you have enough to get by on your own? Can you protect your own assets or will your spouse get some of them? If your spouse is the one with most of the assets, will you be able to get enough spousal and/or child support to get by. You may want to discuss these issues with legal and financial advisors before you decide to end the marriage.

Finally, do you believe that there is still hope for the marriage? This may depend on whether your spouse is willing to work on it with you. Have you tried everything to save the marriage, or are there any other options?

It takes courage to seek a divorce. Do you have it in you to do that? You may not know until you actually do it.

If you decide to end the marriage (or your spouse decides to end it), having a strong support system is crucial. This includes not just professionals like your attorney, financial advisor and perhaps a therapist, but family, friends and maybe work colleagues who are sensitive to what you’re going through and can help you feel less alone.

Source: Huffington Post, “16 Tough Questions To Ask Yourself Before Divorcing” Aug. 07, 2014


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