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Determining whether collaborative divorce is the right choice

The term “collaborative divorce” may seem like a misnomer to some Louisianans. However, many divorcing couples actually get along quite well. They just realize that they don’t work well as a married couple for any number of reasons. These couples can reduce the stress and cost of the divorce process if they use the collaborative approach to divorce to work out an agreement that is fair to both of them.

So what is collaborative divorce and how do you determine if it is a good choice for you? Unlike traditional divorces, it is not done in the courtroom. At the outset, both spouses agree to negotiate in good faith. They also have to agree to provide full and accurate information during the process.

Collaborative divorce involves a series of meetings that include legal and financial professionals who will help the couple work out marital property division. If there are children involved, other professionals may be brought in to help work out a child custody agreement. If a couple is able to deal with each other respectfully, a collaborative divorce can be much easier on the children than a contested one.

At our firm, we have experience in collaborative divorce, but that doesn’t mean that we recommend it for everyone. We sit down together and decide, based on a number of factors, whether that is the best way to proceed. For some couples, mediation or another approach may be a better way to handle the divorce. By spending time discussing the each couple’s relationship and the issues that will need to be determined, we reduce the chances that negotiations will break down.

Louisiana couples who think that a collaborative divorce may be the best option for them can learn more about it on our website. Our site also provides information on all aspects of family law that we handle for our neighbors here in St. Tammany Parish.

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