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We can handle the challenges of high-asset divorces

Many Louisiana couples may not think of themselves as wealthy. However, when they start dividing up their assets as they go through a divorce, they realize that they indeed have a significant number of assets. Properties, business interests, stocks, mutual funds, retirement plans and art or other valuable collections can easily add up to millions of dollars.

It’s essential to obtain an accurate valuation of these and other assets to ensure that you get a fair settlement. Assets are more complex than ever, and sorting these out is also essential to getting the best possible settlement. You don’t want to have to go back to court later because you discovered something you didn’t know about during the initial settlement.

Our firm understands that high-asset divorces can be complicated and that the outcome can have a profound impact on their clients’ lives following the divorce. We have experience analyzing complex assets to ensure that their true value is determined. We also work to ensure that the other spouse’s assets and income have been fully disclosed and that assets are appropriately characterized as separate or marital property.

Obviously, some divorces have more conflict than others. We strive to work through mediation and negotiation whenever possible, and our firm is experienced in collaborative divorce. However, we do what is needed to help our clients get the settlement they are seeking. If that means going to court, we fight for them in that arena.

We know that discretion is important to all of our clients, but particularly those for whom a divorce may impact their business. Whether you are in the early stage of determining where you stand before you end a marriage, or have already decided to go through with a divorce, you can be assured that your privacy is of the utmost importance as we discuss your goals, concerns and questions about this significant step in your life. For more information on what we can do for those in a high-asset divorce, visit this page of our website.


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