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An amicable Louisiana divorce can save time, money and pain

No one wants the divorce process to last any longer than necessary. The lengthier and more complicated it is, the more it will likely cost in fees to attorneys and other professionals. It will also take an emotional and perhaps even physical toll on you and your children.

The founder of the website Matters of Divorce, who divorced after nearly a quarter-century of marriage and two children, says that one of the best ways to “fast track” your divorce is to be as amicable with your spouse as possible. That may be easier said than done, but it could save you thousands of dollars in legal and other fees and months or longer of legal wrangling.

If there are areas on which you and your ex-spouse are in agreement, settle those and leave the others to be settled with a mediator or your attorneys. The more issues that the two of you can resolve on your own, the less time (and money) you’ll probably have to spend on the divorce. That’s money that you can put away for your children’s education, used for a new home or put toward any number of other expenses that newly-single people face.

As Forbes magazine notes, mediation and collaborative divorce are options that couples can choose when they want to end the marriage, but get along well enough to work things out with the guidance and support of experienced attorneys or mediator (who may be an attorney). Even litigated divorces, however, do not have to be long, contentious battles, or even go to court at all.

Your Louisiana divorce attorney should be someone who works to protect your and your children’s interests via a reasonable settlement but is able and willing to fight for you in court if it becomes necessary. However, if couples can resolve some financial and custody matters amicably rather than making every issue a battle, they minimize the time, money and pain of a divorce.

Source: Tribune Pinecrest, “Be nice to your spouse to fast-track divorce and save yourself money” Carlos Blanco, Oct. 25, 2014


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