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Louisiana parents past due on child support on ‘Most Wanted’ list

“Most Wanted” posters are something we see in the post office or on television. Their faces are filled with alleged killers and others wanted by the federal government for serious crimes. However, the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services has a “Child Support Most Wanted” list for parents who are past due in their court-ordered child support payments.

The most recent list includes 14 people in our state who collectively owe over $400,000 in child support. All except two are men. The worst offender in terms of amount owed is a 40-year-old man who reportedly owes close to $80,000 in support for his three children.

The state DCFS places people on the list who owe a minimum of $10,000 in court-ordered child support and have not paid anything towards that amount in at least six months. According to DCFS, these parents “have evaded all of the department’s efforts to collect the court ordered obligations.”

The poster includes photos of the parents as well as the amount of child support they owe and their last-known addresses. A toll-free number is provided so that anyone who has information on these people can call the state.

Obviously, when a child support situation gets this out of control, it is not good for either parent and certainly not for the children who are depending on this money. Anyone who is having problems making his or her court-ordered child support payments or who believes the ordered amount is inappropriate can go to court to seek a modification. Meanwhile, the parent who is supposed to be receiving those payments can and should take steps through the courts and if necessary through the state to get the money he or she is owed.

Source: The Times Picayune, “14 parents on Louisiana DCFS ‘Child Support Most Wanted’ list” Renita D. Young, Feb. 05, 2015


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