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Be attuned to signs that your spouse is preparing for a divorce

When spouses begin to seriously contemplate divorce, they often takes steps to prepare financially for their new life. In some cases, one spouse begins this process before breaking the news to the other one that the marriage is over. Spouses on the receiving end of the bad news are hit with the double-whammy of finding out that their marriage is over and being financially unprepared to live alone.

There are warning signs that your spouse may be planning to leave. They’re usually accompanied by other signs that the marriage is in trouble. However, it’s wise to take note if your spouse does some of the following things.

— Has no explanation for why money is missing

— Makes large cash withdrawals

— Takes out loans simply because interest rates are low

— Stops making direct deposits to accounts

— Has credit card bills sent to the office

— Increases the number of business trips he/she takes

— Reduces retirement plan contributions

— Suddenly wants an accounting of the money you spend

— Gives you unexpected trips or gifts

— Begins to argue or complain about money

— Complains about his/her lack of job security or the amount of money he/she is earning

The final point may be a strategy to lower your expectations for spousal and child support once you begin divorce proceedings.

This just one more reason why both spouses should be involved in and fully aware of the couple’s finances. If you let your spouse take care of these things, you’re less likely to know when something is amiss.

If you believe that your spouse is preparing for divorce, it’s time to do some preparation of your own. By consulting a Louisiana family law attorney and perhaps a divorce financial planner, you can get your own financial house in order. While a request for a divorce may still be emotionally devastating, at least you won’t be financially blindsided.

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