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Finding the bright side of divorce

When you’re in the midst of a divorce, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to look on the bright side. However, one woman who writes about divorce made a list of her favorite things about getting a divorce and encourages others to create their own list. Here are a few of the things that she noted, some small and some big, that more than a few Louisiana residents can probably relate to.

— Living in a calm environment: This can be a particular blessing if your marriage was filled with arguing and conflict.

— The end of having to constantly compromise: Being able to do things when you want the way you want can provide a sense of freedom.

— Becoming closer to your children: While divorce is not easy on kids, if you make time for them and let them feel free to express their feelings, you can emerge from it with a closer relationship than ever.

— No more hiding the truth: Many unhappily-married people hide their problems from friends and even family. This can take an emotional toll and create a distance from people we care about. You can share as little or as much as you want about the divorce, but at least you no longer have to pretend that you’re happily married when you aren’t.

— Cleaning house (literally): Once you and your ex have divided up your belongings, you can finally get rid of everything in the house you hated, from furniture to artwork to knick-knacks. If you’re moving into a new, smaller place, you have an opportunity to start from scratch and decorate exactly as you choose.

— Falling in love again: While you may not be anywhere near ready to start a new relationship, once you are, you may find love and passion that you hadn’t experienced in many years.

Many people say that the worst thing about divorce is actually going through it. However, once it’s over, with some work and support, you can come out emotionally and physically healthier and stronger. Your Louisiana family law attorney can likely recommend some resources to help you as you make this transition in your life.

Source: Huffington Post, “The 10 Best Things About Getting Divorced,” Lizzy Smilez,, May. 18, 2015


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