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A Louisiana divorce doesn’t have to be a court battle

For many Louisiana couples who are ending their marriage, their only exposure to divorce may be through tabloid headlines they read at the grocery store check-out or through legal dramas on television. However, many couples are able to divorce without engaging in a rancorous legal battle. They are able to amicably determine how to divide their assets and arrange a parenting plan for their children with some experienced guidance. Our law firm can help these couples reach an agreement that is fair to everyone without having to take the case to court.

At Michelle Demarest Attorney at Law, LLC, we can help couples reach an agreement via mediation. This allows couples to decide the terms of their settlement and child custody issues with the help of an experienced mediator. We also offer other collaborative legal options.

Couples who wish to take advantage of one of these options to end their marriage can save money, time and stress when ending their marriage. There’s no reason to go to court if you’re able to amicably work out the issues you need to settle.

For divorcing spouses with children, collaborative or mediated divorce is often easier on the children than a nasty court battle. Further, why spend unnecessary money on legal fees that can be used to help you and your family move on to the next phase of your life?

Call or contact us online to find out how we can put our nearly 25 years of experience to work to help you go through the process of ending your marriage and determining how best to co-parent your children with a minimum of conflict and rancor.


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