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New law makes domestic violence grounds for immediate divorce

Hundreds of new laws went into effect Aug. 1 here in Louisiana. One is a law that makes domestic abuse grounds for immediate divorce. Legislators passed the law to help address Louisiana’s sad distinction of having more deaths due to domestic violence than any other state.

Thanks to this new legislation, victims of domestic violence will no longer have to wait for months to get a divorce from a spouse who is abusing them or their children, physically and/or sexually. An immediate divorce could be granted if a spouse or child was physically or sexually abused by the other spouse or if a protective order or injunction was issued against the other spouse. The law also states that domestic abuse can be considered in determining spousal support.

At a time when gun laws are a continually a subject of debate, it is relevant to note that people who have a protective order taken out against them are not allowed to possess a firearm. Further, anyone who has been convicted of battery in a domestic abuse situation may not possess a firearm for a decade.

Anyone who is being subjected to violence at the hands of a loved one or whose children are should seek immediate protection, of course. If you are in the midst of a divorce, and your spouse has been or is violent toward you and/or your children, it’s essential that you inform your family law attorney. He or she can help you take steps to help ensure the safety of yourself and your children and work to see how that can factor into your divorce settlement and child custody agreements.

Source: KSLA 12 News, “New laws go into effect in Louisiana,” Aug. 01, 2015


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