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Louisiana ranks 7 among most amicable divorce states

Just about everyone, even family law attorneys, can agree that an amicable divorce is better than a contentious one. Many couples today are able to work out a financial settlement and child custody arrangement outside of court. A number use divorce mediation. If you and your spouse are able to divorce amicably, it can reduce the stress on the two of you, and most importantly, on your kids. It can also save time and money.

The amicability of the divorce needn’t be dependent on the level of assets involved. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, both successful and wealthy in their own right and certainly one of Hollywood’s best-known couples, are reportedly handling their divorce and issues regarding their children via mediation.

A recent report listed the 10 states with the quickest, easiest, least-disputed and most amicable divorces. Louisiana came in 7th. Our next-door neighbors in Texas came in 10th. The rest were all farther north. The list was compiled by a website called, which helps couples who choose an online divorce.

Obviously, divorce is a different experience for every couple. No two Louisiana couples are alike any more than two couples from any other state are alike. However, if couples who are going their separate ways have seen friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors settle their issues amicably and move on in a positive way, it may help incentivize them to do the same.

A Louisiana family law attorney can help advise you on the best way to handle your divorce, custody and other issues in a manner that helps you protect what is important to you while avoiding conflict that can harm your co-parenting and post-divorce relationship.

Source: KSLA News 12, “Analysis: Louisiana among states with most amicable divorces,” Sep. 22, 2015


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