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Don’t forget your estate planning documents amid a divorce

Most of our readers have at least heard something in passing about the latest in the Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian saga. While many of us don’t want to admit to getting caught up in pop culture figures and their problems, we can actually learn something from some of the problems that they live out in a very public manner.

While the former basketball star appears to be on the mend, while he was comatose in the hospital after collapsing in a Nevada brothel, we learned that his divorce from reality show star Kardashian had not yet been finalized due to a court backlog. Further, Kardashian, who married Odom in 2009, was reportedly still in charge of health care decisions as his legal spouse because he didn’t have a living will, medical directive or health care proxy to designate his wishes if he wasn’t able to speak for himself.

Although Kardashian, who stayed by his bedside after his medical emergency, appears to have his best interests at heart, many people would not want their soon-to-be-ex making health care or end-of-life decisions for them. If that’s the case, as you and your spouse move toward divorce, it’s essential to get legal documents in place (or change the ones you have) to designate the person you want making these decisions.

Understandably, people going through a divorce often can’t imagine dealing with even one more legal document. However, you and your family could suffer if you don’t. Your Louisiana family law attorney can advise you regarding updating your estate planning documents and if necessary, refer you to an estate planning attorney to assist you.

Source: Forbes, “The Latest In Celebrity Splits: What Divorcing Women Can Learn From Khloe and Lamar,” Jeff Landers, Nov. 03, 2015


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