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Handling custody, visitation issues with your ex

Child custody and visitation agreements are among the most important parts of any divorce agreement for parents. However, no matter how amicably these may have been worked out and how specific they may be, people don’t always adhere to them. Sometimes it’s simply out of carelessness. Other times, people defy them just to get back at their ex.

Some issues, such as returning the children late from a weekend or holiday visit, can be resolved by clear but civil communication with your ex. If he or she understands your point of view (that you’re worried) and how the problem is negatively impacting the kids, parents can often resolve the problem themselves.

The same is true if your ex is late or unreliable about picking up the kids. Again, an amicable conversation can often resolve the problem. Sometimes offering to adjust the schedule slightly to one that your ex can consistently handle will take care of it. You may not want to try to see things your ex’s way. However, if you can, it will help your children have a sense of security amid the changes they’ve been through.

Sometimes the problems that parents encounter with custody or visitation interference can be more serious. If your ex is unwilling to see things your way, particularly if his or her actions are potentially harmful to the kids, you may need to seek additions or changes to your custody or visitation agreements. Your Louisiana family law attorney can provide guidance on the best way to handle these issues so that the two of you and your children can co-exist more easily in your new family dynamic.

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