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Why does the divorce rate rise the more times people get married?

The divorce rate for Americans cannot be known for certain and varies depending on a number of factors. However, the chances of a second or subsequent marriage ending in divorce are higher. Approximately two-thirds of second marriages and almost three quarters of third marriages end in divorce.

In roughly 40 percent of marriages, at least one spouse has been married before. Men are more likely to remarry than women are. So why does the divorce rate rise with the number of times a person has said, “I do?” The magazine “Psychology Today” looked at this phenomenon and determined the following:

— People remarry before they have determined what went wrong with the first marriage.

— The older we get, the more complicated our lives usually are. This can make marriage more challenging.

— When couples don’t have a child in common, even if they both have children from previous marriages, they are missing a bond that other couples have.

— As people get older, one or both spouses are more likely to become ill. Marriages are more likely to break up when it’s the woman who is ill than the man.

— People who have been married and divorced often realize more quickly in a second or subsequent marriage that things aren’t working and may be more likely to end things.

Of course, these things aren’t true for everyone. Some people meet their soulmate later in life after they’ve had a failed marriage or two. Further, some people take a good look at themselves after a marriage ends and determine what they need to do differently next time and what they really want in a spouse.

When you marry for a second or subsequent time, there may be some legal issues that you need to consider that you didn’t the first time around. These can include things such as a prenuptial agreement to protect your assets and possibly adoption of your spouse’s children. It’s always advisable to consult with a Louisiana family law attorney before making another trip down the aisle.

Source: Jezebel, “Be Very, Very Careful When Remarrying,” Tracy Moore, Dec. 05, 2015


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