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Does your custody arrangement address spring break?

Too many divorcing parents don’t address how child custody and visitation will work during their children’s vacations when they are working out these agreements. When they do, it may be Christmas and Thanksgiving that are top-of-mind because there are grandparents and other family members who will want to spend time with the kids.

However, parents should not neglect planning for spring break. Whether you decide to take a vacation or stay home, it’s essential to have a plan in place. This important not just for determining whether you need to take time off of work or make hotel and airline reservations. Kids feel more secure when they know what they’ll be doing over spring break and can feel comfortable that their parents are in agreement on the arrangement.

Having a plan well in advance can reduce stress and improve harmony for everyone. However, don’t forget to document that plan to help ensure that there is no confusion between you and your ex. There are apps and websites such as designed to help co-parents manage everything from school activities to medical records to custody and visitation time and much more. With tools like shared family calendars, kids can stay in the communication loop as well.

If you and your ex divorced amicably, you may have assumed that you’d be able work out spring break and other vacations without having to document things ahead of time. However, things change. New spouses and children may come into the picture. As kids get older, their own wishes will likely play more of a role. If you find that your custody and visitation arrangement doesn’t adequately address spring break or that you need to make changes to avoid conflict next year, your Louisiana family law attorney can provide guidance.

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