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Adoption brings unique challenges

Adopting a child into your family is a special time in your life, but it’s also one that can come with a great deal of uncertainty and misinformation. Because adoption is a legal proceeding, it’s crucial to make sure you understand all of your rights and responsibilities throughout the adoption process and after everything is finalized.

There are many aspect to an adoption, and much depends on whether it is a domestic or international adoption and what level of involvement the birth parents will have if any in the child’s life after the adoption is finalized. Because the circumstances around each adoption are different, it’s important to talk with a family law attorney who is familiar with these types of cases and can help you understand what’s going on, what to be careful about and what your options are when an issue arises.

Open adoptions are becoming increasingly popular and can work out to everyone’s benefit if the circumstances are right. However, they can also come with certain legal issues that can complicate things if there are problems later on. For example, many adoptive parents are worried that an open adoption may result in the birth parent trying to reclaim the child later on or hamper the child bonding with the new family.

No matter what kind of adoption you are interested in, it’s important to make sure that all the paperwork and legal filings are done correctly and that you have attempted to anticipate and address and possible issues. If you have questions about this process or what it entails, we can help.


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