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Is mediation an option for us?

When you first make the decision to divorce, it can seem like you and your ex are miles apart from the same page. There are many aspects to a divorce case, and it’s not uncommon for the parties to want very different things. In some cases, you and your ex may agree on something, such as who the martial assets and debt will be divided, but disagree on others, such as child custody and spousal support.

However, a long battle in the family courts doesn’t have to be your only option for those aspects you disagree on. Mediation can be an excellent option for many people going through a divorce who are looking to get through the process as quickly as possible. Mediation involves a trained mediator, who acts as a neutral third party to help keep the mediation on track and bring an objective perspective.

In general, the more issues you agree on in the beginning, the better your chances of a successful mediation. However, some parties find that as they continue through the divorce process and begin building their own lives separate from their spouses that a good bit of the animosity dies down. When this happens, the parties may be ready to move on and have everything finalized, increasing the motivation to make mediation successful.

If you and your ex already know exactly how you want to work everything out in the divorce, you may have already considered mediation. However, even those who feel like they are on the complete opposite side of their ex on the divorce issues may still be able to make mediation work. If you’re interested in mediation and need more information, we can help.


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