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What are some common summer custody issues?

Vacations, a more laid-back schedule and different child care arrangements in the summer months can wreak havoc on a custody arrangement. Even if you and your ex normally get along and are able to co-parent civilly and without issue, the summer can be challenging. Being aware of these summer custody issues can help you avoid common disagreements.

1. Lack of communication: During the regular school year, both you and your ex keep each other informed of the children’s schedules, extracurricular activities and any necessary changes to the parenting time schedule. Make sure to keep up regular schedule checks with your ex during the summer as well.

2. Not providing notice of vacations: When summer comes, it’s tempting to adopt a more spontaneous attitude and dial back the communication thinking that everyone can just got with the flow. However, if you are planning a vacation, it’s important to notify your ex as soon as you have an estimated date and destination. Your court order usually lists how far in advance you have to tell your ex you’re going on vacation, so make sure to follow those terms.

3. Disagreements over money: Sometimes exes think that they don’t need to pay child support during their month-long parenting time in the summer. Maybe you signed the children up for a sport assuming your ex would pay half. Disagreements over money are very common in situations with divorced parents.

The best route is to follow what your custody or child support order says and talk to an attorney if you feel you need to make any adjustments to the order.

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