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The Brangelina divorce: It’s not all about sensationalism

A writer in a recent national media piece discussing the seismic (at least in terms of tabloid magnitude) details and potential outcomes pertaining to the divorce of unparalleled power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie makes one central and very important point.

And that is this: It’s not all about super-sized snippets of data and money amounts relating to some celebrity couple with a fabled life existence so remote from all other persons on the planet that their story is more grounded in caricature and fiction than in anything applicable to “real life.”

In fact, notes a finance professor offering a bit of perspective in a column from USA TODAY last week, “what Brad Pitt and Angelina Pitt are going through is just like what many ‘normal’ divorcing couples face.”

If you don’t buy that completely, there is certainly reason to concede that, except for the added dimensions applicable to the Pitt/Jolie split, much of what the couple is necessarily focused upon is indeed quite similar to what many divorcing parties in Louisiana and elsewhere across the country routinely deal with when working their way through the divorce process.

We note those things on a relevant page of our website at the St. Tammany Parish family law firm of Michelle R. Demarest, Attorney at Law, LLC. They include a close focus on matters like the following:

  • Discussion of litigated versus mediated divorce
  • Child custody-related concerns
  • Marital property division
  • Marital contracts (e.g., a prenuptial agreement)

Pitt and Jolie are undoubtedly focused closely upon those types of concerns, just as are many of the so-called “normal” people cited above who are involved in the divorce process in Louisiana and elsewhere.

Concededly, the Brangelina divorce is different, certainly in its sheer outsized dimensions.

Notwithstanding that, though, it is also useful as a springboard that underscores divorce concerns common in millions of other dissolutions.

In that sense, the Pitt/Jolie split is really not that different at all.


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