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Family law’s broad scope can have sweeping effects

On any given day in Louisiana, the majority of people probably don’t think much about the implications of the law on their lives. The most direct encounter of law and real time probably comes while driving. Every motorist likely knows the behaviors could result in a confrontation with the law.

The average person might not give much thought to the implications of the law and the family, and yet a rundown of possible issues makes the depth of the reach obvious. Any one of the elements can be the cause of tension and strife. No two families deal with things the same way and finding the right path through the legal processes warrants the help of experienced counsel.

Most would likely agree that the leading family law matter is divorce. Strictly speaking, a divorce filing is something that involves just the spouses. But when other factors are considered, the potential list of affected people grows.

If children are in the picture, support, custody and visitation have to be addressed. Grandparents might believe they have access to grandchildren that is not acknowledged by law. Their rights may need upholding.

Property division standards require equitable distribution of assets and debts under Louisiana law. But if one of the spouses is in the military, division of benefits can get complicated.

Domestic violence situations can create unique issues. Divorce might not be sought, but the law still can intervene, especially if the best interests of children are in question.

Claims of paternity can result in someone being brought into court to face obligations they never anticipated. Alternatively, if the parent of a child is denied rights, he or she deserves representation.

The scope of the law is broad. To be confident that the legal interests of everyone affected are addressed, speak with an attorney.


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