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Some key considerations for divorcing women with assets, income

It’s not your grandmother’s divorce.

By that, we simply mean this: Many divorces — in fact, most divorces — that occurred in Louisiana and nationally in bygone decades featured a discernible disparity in finances between the divorcing female and male partner, respectively.

That is, a prototypical dissolution featured a soon-to-be-ex husband with a career and proven earning capacity outside the family home. The wife, conversely, often lacked those bullet-proof attributes, frequently giving up advanced education and work opportunities to stay at home instead in a “traditional” child-rearing and house-managing role.

In such instances, a power gap was readily apparent during divorce negotiations.

Although that is still often the case, of course, times have brought material change to the fact patterns that are now present in millions of divorces across the country.

To wit: Legions of women now work outside the home and bring home checks every bit as large as their spouses. As a recent article on married women with money and careers who are considering divorce notes, many married females “now have substantial incomes and assets of their own, possibly even much more than their spouses.”

And that is what indeed makes divorce for them a far different proposition than it likely was for prior generations of females in their families.

Independently derived assets and wealth certainly need to be recognized during the divorce process, as well as protected in an equitable fashion. Many women have business interests, prominent career positions, lucrative pension plans, stock options and other retirement vehicles, and additional income/wealth sources that they reasonably seek to safeguard in a dissolution.

A proven family law attorney with considerable experience representing divorce clients in matters relating to asset preservation and property division can help promote that objective.


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