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November 2016 Archives

Louisiana residents may need help navigating elder law

While mourning the loss of a family member, many Louisiana residents may worry about what will happen with the deceased's remaining assets. Probate is a legal process that addresses wills pertaining to estates, but some individuals may need to determine whether an estate needs to go through such proceedings. Because areas of elder law may be complicated to navigate, individuals may wish to determine where to start.

Are you eligible to receive alimony?

Family courts in the United States have been flooded with divorce related cases because of an increase in divorce rates. This means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to handle these cases. Spousal support is one of the major reasons for litigation after divorce. Also known as alimony, it is the periodic payment for financial support to your ex-spouse after getting divorced.

Is divorce the right decision?

If you are married and no longer satisfied with your relationship, you may be wondering if divorce is the right choice. It could be that you and your spouse have simply reached a lull in your marriage that could be repaired through better communication or seeing a counselor. However, certain emotions, thoughts, and actions could be signs that divorce is right for you.

DIY and elder law may not mix in Louisiana

Many Louisiana residents find do-it-yourself projects enjoyable. However, there are some tasks for which individuals may wish to gain professional assistance. Estate planning and other elder law topics may be some of those tasks that individuals want to think twice about before completing on their own. If parties do create a will or other document without professional help, inconsistencies could cause issues.

What are the different forms of estate tax?

An estate tax, according to the IRS, is a tax on your right to transfer property after your death. Estate taxes can apply in case where the deceased had a concrete estate plan already or even in cases where the deceased did not have an estate plan. In actuality, the estate tax is paid by the recipient of the inheritance rather than the deceased themselves.

Dividing the family home may cause divorce difficulties

Family homes are often places where Louisiana residents have made numerous memories throughout their lives. As a result, such a piece of property can hold considerable sentimental value for its owners and inhabitants. Due to the sentimentality involved, determining what to do with the home after a couple decides to divorce may be difficult. 

Get to know more about estate planning

There is surprisingly much more to estate planning than just distribution of your assets after you pass away. Estate planning, among other things, also includes setting medical treatment care options and ultimately ensures that a person's intentions are carried out in case the person in question suffers from mental incapacitation later on. Estate plans can usually be amended, so there is no fear of it being irreversible if you happen to change your mind about certain clauses later on.

Options available when caring for the elderly

Caring for parents or other elderly relatives is, for most people, a predictable responsibility. When someone becomes too ill with age, it may become someone else's job to make their decisions for them. In order to avoid arguments, disputes and even legal battles, it is best to plan ahead in order to find the best solution available for the elderly person in question. In light of this, there are several legal options available that ensure the best possible treatment for the person in question.

Elder law: Making estate plans could benefit Louisiana residents

Each family is unique. As a result, many Louisiana families may face different concerns when it comes to how they would want their estates handled after their deaths. Therefore, individuals may wish to consider how elder law could play into those concerns and how estate planning could help individuals address particular points of interest.

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