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Are you eligible to receive alimony?

Family courts in the United States have been flooded with divorce related cases because of an increase in divorce rates. This means that it is becoming increasingly difficult to handle these cases. Spousal support is one of the major reasons for litigation after divorce. Also known as alimony, it is the periodic payment for financial support to your ex-spouse after getting divorced.

Alimony can be paid by either the man or the woman in the relationship. The wage-earning partner, whoever it may be, must pay it to the non-wage-earning partner. It was implemented in order to make sure there are no negative financial aspects on women. Alimony was normally paid by men, but the laws have evolved over the past several decades to allow men to receive spousal support as well.

Before filing for alimony, it is important to understand your requirements and financial needs. After evaluating your needs and household expenses, you can file for alimony. The process is rather complicated, and you have to meet the eligibility criteria as well. There are several factors that the judge considers when deciding whether you deserve financial support. The length of the marriage that has ended, your age, mental and physical state and other factors are considered in spousal support litigation.

If you have recently been divorced and feel that you require financial assistance from your ex-spouse, it is advisable to hire an experienced attorney. The attorney will elaborate your rights and try to make sure you get alimony from your ex-spouse.


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