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Is divorce the right decision?

If you are married and no longer satisfied with your relationship, you may be wondering if divorce is the right choice. It could be that you and your spouse have simply reached a lull in your marriage that could be repaired through better communication or seeing a counselor. However, certain emotions, thoughts, and actions could be signs that divorce is right for you.

Since a divorce can be a very traumatic experience, before, during and after divorce proceedings, it should not be pursued without knowing your rights and options in Louisiana.

Reasons for staying married

If you are staying married in order to avoid more difficult emotions, you’re scared of being alone, or you don’t want to spend time away from your children as a result of divorce, it increases the possibility that your marriage will not last.

You have done everything possible to improve the relationship

If you have exhausted all avenues in an attempt to salvage your marriage, and there has been no improvement, it may be time to consider divorce. Also, if you have been working hard to make the marriage work, but your spouse seems content to let the relationship fail, separation may be your only other option.

Accept your own needs

Sometimes, for the sake of your family, you have to put your needs first. If your marriage is causing undue stress on others, such as the children, consider that it may be easier on them for you and your spouse to separate versus living in a home full of anger and resentment.

Sometimes certain circumstances set the stage for separation or divorce. Sometimes problems can be worked through and solved, however, at other times, it can be the right choice to let the marriage end.

If you are considering divorce, it is important to understand your rights concerning both financial aspects and custody issues. For advice on separation or divorce in Jefferson Parish and St. Tammany Parish, contact an attorney experienced in family law.


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